Are you Curious About How a Santa Rosa, CA

Chiropractic Doctor Can Help You?

Vineyard Chiropractic has the answers.

When it comes to Santa Rosa, CA, chiropractic doctors and the practice of chiropractic, a number of misconceptions abound. It's important to understand just what chiropractic practice really is and how it can help your particular condition. Dr. Eyre, at Vineyard Chiropractic, understands that you may have a number of questions and is prepared to help you decide if chiropractic care is right for you.

What is Chiropractic?

The first picture that may pop into your mind when you think of a Santa Rosa chiropractor is that of a doctor "cracking" a patient's joints. While spinal manipulation, also called a chiropractic adjustment, is certainly one procedure that doctors of chiropractic utilize, there are a number of other procedures, methods, and interventions which are also implemented to improve wellness, such as the very relaxing vibratory massage; intersegmental traction to improve joint mobility and flexibility; as well as therapeutic laser to reduce inflammation and speed healing. For those who want a more complete explanation of chiropractic go to: Definition/Explanation of Chiropractic.

As is the case with any physician, chiropractors use the process of history, examination and diagnosis to determine the proper treatment protocol to implement to improve the health of their patients. The difference is doctors of chiropractic use a hands-on approach to help their patients reach their optimal level of health.

What Health Conditions Can be Treated through Chiropractic?

The treatment undertaken by Dr. Eyre of Santa Rosa's Vineyard Chiropractic is designed to ease or heal disorders related to the ligaments and muscles of your musculoskeletal system as well as your nervous system. Chiropractors effectively treat joint pain and muscle tightness of the neck and back as well as related symptoms such as headache or pain and numbness in the arms or legs.

Once Dr. Eyre diagnoses your problem, he will be able to develop a treatment plan that will help move you back toward optimal health. Your unique plan may include rehabilitative exercises and therapeutic procedures as well as nutritional, lifestyle, and dietary adjustments.

What Should I Look For in a Doctor of Chiropractic?

When selecting a doctor of chiropractic in the Santa Rosa, CA, area, you should seek out someone who makes you feel comfortable and has had the training and experience to resolve your problem. After receiving his chiropractic degree, Dr. Eyre then completed a multi year post-graduate course specializing in Chiropractic Orthopedics to give him greater expertise in diagnosing and treating bone and joint conditions.

What Should I Expect During my First Visit with a Santa Rosa, CA, Chiropractor?

As with any visit to a Santa Rosa, CA, healthcare professional, Dr. Eyre's consultation will allow him to better understand your issues of concern and how they impact your lifestyle; and address any other needs you may have. After discussing your symptoms and assessing your particular needs, Dr. Eyre will perform an in-depth, physical examination to determine the proper course of treatment to alleviate your problems.

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